We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday: Where to Find the Sun This Summer

The idea of jetting away to a holiday in the sun is something that many of us look forward to throughout the year.

With summers in the UK never guaranteed to provide good weather, the knowledge that we can visit somewhere with a warm climate often plays a major role in our decision of where to go on holiday.

So, if you are planning your summer holiday for this year, which holiday destinations more or less guarantee that you will find the sun? Here are some great destination ideas you can book with The Co-operative Travel.


Known as ‘the sunshine state’ because it gets more hours of sun than anywhere else in the United States, Florida is a popular choice for families looking for something a little more exciting than a short haul destination can offer.

With the ‘fun for all ages’ attractions of Disneyworld and the major movie studios, there is also the shopping appeal of the world famous malls of Orlando.

Of course, there are also the huge swathes of coastline decorated with glorious beaches and the famous American hospitality to add into the mix.

Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Africa, but they have the familiarity of a Mediterranean holiday due to the Spanish culture you can find there.

Gran Canaria has a little something for everyone, whether it is the solitude of the sand dune beaches or the busy and bustling nightlife of the most popular resorts. Of course, the location of the islands means that they are sunbaked all year round.


The Balearic chain of islands in the Med have long been known for their beauty and laid back lifestyle. Majorca was one of the very first places to embrace mass tourism, but it has always been a popular destination for the Spanish people from the mainland as well.

With a mix of beautiful beaches, gorgeous old towns and phenomenal food, the weather is the icing on the cake.


The most western part of the European mainland is Portugal, and its coastlines are served by both Mediterranean and Atlantic waters.

This gives a slightly different take on a more traditional Mediterranean atmosphere, which is why The Algarve is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers from all over Europe.

Famed for its stunning golf courses and unspoilt beaches, Portugal also offers some of the best sun-based holidays that you can reach on a short-haul flight from the UK.

Photo Credit: oscarparadela.com