Trailblazing the World in Trendsetting Blazers

Sometimes when we travel, our fashion concerns are entirely practical. The clothes we pack are limited to our most water-resistant hiking boots and long sleeves with UV protection. But sometimes we take trips that allow us to indulge our love of looking good. For the female traveler, a well-stocked wardrobe can be an extra bit of fun on a vacation. And these days, most girls’ wardrobes include at least one (often several!) blazers. They’re the difference between casual and formal, put on and put together. Here we take a look at three destination locations that are perfectly suited for your suit-top blazers. 

Blazers: The American South

One area of the United States that perfectly lends itself to the blazers in your closet is the south. Specifically, seersucker blazers are a major fashion trend in the area. Seersucker, for those who haven’t seen it before, is a puckered light fabric that’s usually checkered or striped. It’s a perfect fabric for hotter weather, which is one of the reasons it originally became so popular in the south. And while seersucker today represents an elite, preppy look, it was initially introduced in the American south to be worn by the poorer economic classes. By the 1920s, the fabric was being worn – often in in the form of both men’s and women’s blazers, as a reverse fashion trend. Today the seersucker blazer is an essential fashion item for anyone wanting to look the part in states like North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.

Blazers: Oxford

The city of Oxford is most famously known for its prestigious university of the same name, which is the oldest English-speaking university in the world. And the Oxford blazer has become similarly prestigious within the fashion world. The blazer is a staple of the Oxford University uniform, and today has been taken out of the classroom and translated into dozens of fashion genres. The university itself has always required academic dress – thus requiring the blazer – at major events. But today, one can head to Oxford with a well-cut blazer and get a feel for the upper-crust attitude the trend still inspires.

Blazers: Paris

Parisians are known for their impeccable style, and they have been for years. And one French fashion trend that has proven its longevity is the popularity of the women’s blazer. Parisian women have long established a proficiency in utilizing a few classic style items to create dozens of looks, and the blazer is considered an absolute essential in accomplishing that. Head to Paris and pair a sleek monochrome blazer with a brightly patterned dress, or a blazer featuring a more masculine cut with a lacy feminine skirt. On a casual outing, French women also favor the classic combination of a well cut pair of jeans with a black or navy blazer and t shirt.