Travel Adventures in Southeast England: British Pearl

Southeast England. It might not be the hottest location on the British tourist trail but it sure does boast a host of attractions unique to the country. Visitors will always have something fun to do whether they are visiting this place for a day or a week. Come rain or sunshine there are enough travel adventures in southeast England to keep you occupied and satisfy every member of your family. You can opt for indoor or outdoor activities depending on your personal taste and the activities involved. The following are some of the cool things to do in South East England:

Travel Adventures in Southeast England: Exploring Castles

There are more than 30 castles in south east England, the rationale behind this is that historically the region was always prone to attacks from the shore hence the castles were built as the main line of defense against such attacks. The area boasts of many impressive castles in the whole country including Arundlel castle located on a hill overlooking Sussex, Leeds castles in Kent which is a serene castle surrounded by a moat and Guildford castle in Surrey which is still intact with a Norman keep.

Travel Adventures in Southeast England: Cycling Tour

Cycling is one of the best means of exploring South East England, this offers the opportunity to meet the locals and experience the countryside as well as the city life first hand. Cycling also gives you an opportunity to exercise and breathe in some wonderful fresh air at the same time. Cycling paths, quiet country lanes and bridleways all contribute to make it a great experience you never forget in life. Families with children who wish to have a quiet day can ride through Windsor Great Park ,this provides the ideal traffic free haven for kids who are just learning the riding basics. History lovers can settle for the Tudor trail from Tonbridge to Hever Castle. Off road enthusiast can ride through Sun Downs Way National Park which provides a worthy challenge for experienced riders.

Travel Adventures in Southeast England: Historic Buildings

Travel adventures in southeast England are not complete without visiting some of the historic buildings in this area. The Roman Painted House in Dover gives a glimpse to how people lived more than 2000 years ago. This building was discovered by Kent Archaeological Rescue unit back in 1970s. It was built around 200 AD and was part of the larger official hotel for travelers crossing the English channel. Nowadays visitors who come over on Dover Ferries crossing the channel make it their first stop!

Travel Adventures in Southeast England: Zoos and Wildlife

Zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums are not only about experiencing wild animals close up but also focuses on protecting them. Marwell wildlife in Hampshire is one of the popular wildlife zoos in England. This zoo encompasses animals from all over the world ranging from penguins to rainforest wildlife. The Isle of Wight zoo is home to some of the largest collection of lemurs and tiger in the country. It is known for preserving many endangered species through education and research.

Travel Adventures in Southeast England: Boat Trips

South East England is blessed with a variety of picturesque waterways such as scenic rivers, historic harbors and channels. There is no better way to explore these sights than climbing aboard a boat to discover the hidden treasures as you float down the river.

There are various travel adventures in southeast England that will leave both local and foreign tourists fascinated and rejuvenated. It is no wonder that this locality is considered as the British pearl, so get out and discover more things to do in South East England.