Travelling Solo vs. Travelling with a Partner – Which is Best?

Although it might seem like a brave decision to take, travelling solo can be a liberating experience. You no longer have to make concessions for what your partner does and doesn’t like, and you can travel around the world at your own pace. However travelling solo isn’t for everyone, and sometimes it can be preferable to explore the world with a travel companion. Keep reading for a list of pros and cons, which should help you make your decision.


Do you like to make all of the decisions ALL of the time, or are you happy to compromise and perhaps do things you aren’t very interested in? If you hate the idea of compromise, or have a set itinerary you want to follow, you may be best travelling alone. It is, however, possible to find people on your travels that have similar interests. Sites like can help with this. You do need to be willing to leave people, though, and it can often be easier just to fall into someone else’s plan.


No matter where you travel to, it’s likely that you will become sick at one point or another. When you are travelling with a partner, you will have someone to fetch you medical supplies and food, and generally make the whole experience a lot easier. When travelling alone, though, you will need to fend for yourself. If you are planning on travelling solo, make sure to take a well stocked first aid kit, and consider keeping at least a couple of days supply of food at all times. A mobile phone can help you stay in touch with loved ones for some much needed morale.


When you are travelling with a partner, or even a group of friends, more often than not you will just speak to each other in your native language, and not make any effort to speak to the locals except for in places like shops and restaurants. However, when travelling alone, you may need to learn at least a few words in the local language of the country you are visiting. Not only will this enable you to converse with the locals, but it may also open up new experiences for you. Many local people are especially friendly to tourists who have taken the time to learn a few words and phrases.


When you are travelling with a partner, you will always have someone to talk to, no matter where you are. However, when travelling alone, you may feel lonely from time to time. It is possible to meet people on your travels, and by signing up for tours and excursions, and staying in places like hostels, you should be able to meet a variety of new friends. The more open and friendly you can make your demeanour, the more chance you will have of meeting new people.

Whether you prefer to travel alone or with a partner is a completely personal decision. There are pros and cons to both options, and which is best will be down to you.