Backpacking Essentials: The Vital Basics

You’ve dreamt of travelling the world, planned your route, saved enough money thanks to a temporary job , booked your tickets and eventually mapped out your route. Now with all the big things in the bag its time to look to buying the must-haves for your backpacking trip of a lifetime. After all, you wont get very far without your handy rucksack and its trusty contents!

There are plenty of guides like this around the Internet, each one that bit longer in length than the next. But the fact is, when it comes to your backpacking checklist, as long as you have the basics youll be fine. So, what do we deem the basics here at Going Abroad? Let us fill you in

First Aid Kit An absolute essential in any backpackerserbackpack is a basic first aid kit. Ideal for anywhere with poor medical facilities, this may fast become your go-to item while on your travels.

Make sure you stock it with all the important bits a few handy dressings, bandages and plasters will prove a God-send when you pass through somewhere where basic items like this are harder to come by.

Money Belt – The good old bum bag may well have disappeared with everything else horrifically 1980s, but a money belt (which is pretty much like its gaudy sister of yesteryear, minus the neon ) has thankfully had something of an update since then. 

It also offers a great place to store small valuables when you’re on the move and can even be word around your neck or as a holster under your arm if you don’t fancy one bulging above your jeans.

Torch – Its time to think like your old man and purchase a torch – a good one really will be worth every last penny. Ideal for camping or for taking on treks, youll be glad you packed it when you wind up somewhere with a distinct lack of lighting.

Hand Gel – You wont always have access to a clean wash or shower room, so this stuff really will prove useful. Its wise to clean your hands after every visit to the toilet and this will drastically help minimise illness caused by stomach upsets on your travels.

The great news is it’s cheap to buy – and if you forget to pack yours, you should even be able to pick a few up at the airport. 

Small Towel – A hand towel, thanks to its compact size, is ideal for saving space in your bursting backpack and will come in handy for a host of reasons. Travel towels, in particular, are designed with the backpacker in mind; lightweight and quick-to-dry, you’ll use it for more than just washing, and find it easy to keep fresh.

Backpack Locks – Finally, what good is your carefully-packed and full-to-the-brim backpack if it isn’t secure? You have to be vigilant to pick pockets, so for added peace of mind a backpack lock should probably even come higher up this list.

So there you have it! Of course, if you’re going travelling this year you’ll want to pack a whole lot more than the essential items above. But hopefully this helps you on your way to being one of the most organised backpackers out there – have fun!