Traversing the Coast of the Algarve

For a significant proportion of people from the UK, the winter period is something that has to be endured rather than enjoyed. The cold days and even colder nights, accompanied by a lack of daylight and occasional snowfalls, make the whole season almost insufferable for many Britons. And because of this, we need to make the most of the summer when the temperatures start to rise again, especially if there’s an overseas holiday on the horizon.

Every potential tourist is faced with a tough decision when the time comes to book a trip, and sometimes it can be difficult to know which to select. The problem for many is that every member of the party has their own set ideas on what constitutes a prime holiday location. Thankfully, there are one or two places which will appeal to holiday-makers of all ages and which have developed a tourism infrastructure that has made them genuine favourites.

Friendly Locals and Beautiful Landscapes

Portugal has been welcoming visitors from Britain for many years, partly because the climate provides such a welcome change in the summer. Clear blue skies and a blazing hot sun are only part of the picture, however, because there are charming villages, fascinating towns and lively cities just waiting to be explored. The locals are among the friendliest to be found in Europe, and it’s often the warmth of the welcome that brings people back in the future.

The southern Portuguese region of the Algarve is a paradise for sun-worshippers, golfers, ramblers, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts. One of the best ways to find out more about this intriguing area, however, is to hire a car and head off for a day or two of exploration. Driving in Portugal is never stressful, and the main A22 road runs from west to east for those times when you need to get from A to B more quickly than usual. If you’re happy to take things a bit more slowly, however, you should stick to the coast roads and savour the views.

The Algarve is only a short airplane ride from the UK, so there’s every good reason to visit this wonderful region in the coming months. If you are having to watch the pennies at the moment because of the world’s financial difficulties, you will be pleased to know that Jet2holidays provide cheap holidays to Portugal via the web. Book now, and you could save a small fortune.