The Best Smartphones for Travelling

The opportunity to travel is always a reason to celebrate. Especially when you’re travelling for pleasure, containing your excitement can prove to be a daunting task. Discovering the world, meeting new people and building global connections are just among the things you can benefit from traveling abroad. You never quite expect what to encounter when going on certain destinations for the first time. Being away from home, it is then very important for a traveller to be fully equipped and prepared to conquer the world.

One of the greatest tools that can come in handy when you’re travelling is a smartphone. Cell phones nowadays have evolved to become a portable computer, and that calling and texting would only be among the other things that we can do with it. When you’re travelling, you’d want to capture each breathtaking view and do a lot of self portraits, especially when you are going alone. Smartphones nowadays have built in digital cameras, and are able to store memory much like a digicam, and offer the same quality of pictures, sometimes even better. It is also an advantage for you to have data access on your phone, so you can explore the city, without having to waste time getting lost and finding your way, through digital maps. And of course, when you’re meeting old friends, it is important for you to be in touch.

Here is a list of the best smartphones that you can use for your grand holiday:

Blackberry Curve

This phone is compact, as it is the smallest blackberry. It contains a full keyboard. When you’re in need of internet access in your hotel room or while you’re dining outside, you’ll be glad to know that this phone can actually serve as a router and give data to your laptop. Besides that, this phone also contains organizers that may help you with inputs, which lessens the hassle of bringing a list on a paper.

Google Phone

This smartphone comes with a touchscreen and a keyboard that slides out. Because this phone has a touch button which directs you automatically to Google maps, this phone may just become your new bestfriend in your backpack excursions. It also has a GPS, and is WIFI and 3G ready.


This is by far one of the most complete phones when it comes to apps, data and media. The Apple iPhone offers a wide variety of travel apps that may be of good use for you. Data wise, it is both 3g and wifi ready. Some later versions, such as the Iphone 4s and Iphone 5, even offer a hotspot connection wherein you may share your data access to your tablet or your laptop. Its camera takes good quality photos, and has a memory that may store up to several videos.

We’ve all heard of the horror stories of cellphone bills going up to a thousands of dollars after going on a holiday, especially on overseas travels. It is then very important for you to check with your service provider the type of data or service that your phone should be registered in, to avoid overcharges. You may refer to your phone company in choosing the right alternative phone company that can provide you with great coverage wherever you are vacationing. You may also visit for more choices of smartphones that can suit your own needs and wants.