Winter Travel Essentials: The Waterproof Jacket

Liking to think of myself as pretty intrepid (yet having spent the majority of the year travelling through tropical climes), it’s been a strong shock to the system venturing back to the chilly winter of the UK and getting my outdoorsy-adventure-mode on. Padding out my wardrobe and switching up flip flops for boots and T-shirts for thick jumpers has been pretty much a day-to-day activity since coming back. Thankfully though there’s been certain items of apparel that have come in to save my bacon on more than one occasion.

At this point I should probably mention I’m a runner, an outdoors tennis player and would rather ride a bike than drive a car (I do have a licence though – I’m not completely inept). Doing all that in Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and everywhere else I’ve been to this year has been a fairly pleasurable experience. Doing it in England though? In the throes of winter? Well, let’s just say, you need a certain amount of grit. Grit and the ability to withstand damp cotton and polyester undergarments sticking to your parts with little to no let up.

Enter¬†North Face Jackets, my current biggest man crush (does that work for inanimate objects). Not only has my sleek little black number been the perfect on-my-back accompaniment since being home, it’s also helped to shelter me from the wicked, wicked winter weather and helped me to continue onward in my quest to becoming the ultimate outdoors fitness god.

Lightweight and insulated, the jacket is barely noticeable weight-wise while road running and keeps my organs nice and toasty to keep the well-oiled machine that is my body running. It’s also loose enough fitting to support a flexing, preening body in all positions imaginable, or, in my case, when playing a scuffed backhand at my local Gloucestershire outdoors tennis club. It’s a nice addition to a sparse wardrobe. But not only fitting for winter in the UK I’d imagine, but good too for the all-weather explorer in tropical rainy climates who spends a lot of time outdoors.

In short, North Face’s winter gear offers a heck of a lot to the traveller who’s looking to go a bit further this coming year. Durable, long-lasting and barely noticeable rolled up in a backpack, their jackets, fleeces and hoodies are a great backpacking choice for people thinking about getting adventurous all over the world in 2014. Strongly recommended.