5 Stunning Landscapes in South America

At the heart of every traveler is an individual who is seeking for adventure and thrill. Going to a city to explore the culture and the sights may seem to be enough but if you want to do more on your travels, you have to keep things more interesting. If you are up for a surreal experience in South America, forget about Machu Picchu and the beach because there’s much to the area than just those things. Here are some of the most unbelievable destinations in South America.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

Brazil-Lençois-Maranhenses (1)

When you say sand dunes, the first thing that comes to mind is the light brown flecks that can be seen in the Sahara but sand dunes also come in a different color, as in Brazil where the sand dunes are white. The Lencois Maranhenses National Park is low lying and it is flooded occasionally or covered with discrete sand dunes which are white in color. The place appears to be a desert but this is untrue as the fresh water which accumulates in the valley between the dunes during the rainy season revives the park and creates water basins which are even inhabited by fish.

Crystal Cave of the Giants, Mexico

crystal cave

Deep within the mines in Chihuahua, the enclosed bedrock in the natural cave houses crystals which appear to be out of this world. Some of the crystal formations inside the caves are as big as houses and these crystals are the largest formations known to exist on earth. It is believed that it took a million years for these crystals’ slow growth rate. The crystals also come in incredible shapes and they are translucent silver or gold in color.

Blue Lake Cave, Brazil

blue lake

There are a number of underground lakes that can be found in Brazil especially in the quaint town of Bonito in the Mato Grosso do Sul region. Among these lakes, the globally acclaimed Blue Lake Cave or Gruta do Lago Azul is, by far, the one that attracts a lot of attention as it is considered to be a national monument. The interior of the cave is filled with stalagmites and stalactites and there’s the impressive blue lake which has a stunning and beautiful color that complements its surroundings. The color of the lake is the most charming feature about it although the place itself has a number of geologic formations to boast.

Hidden Beach in Marieta Islands, Mexico

hidden beach

Located near Puerto Vallarta this lost and secret world is literally hidden from the view of many people but experiencing it and being here is surely worth the trouble. The island has a volcanic origin, hence, the unique formations which are surrounded by an incomparable marine ecosystem. People who love snorkeling and diving love this place as the fauna and flora are quite diverse and when viewed with the crystal clear waters, the experience is truly breathtaking. There are also a wide array of animals that can be seen in the area including dolphins, hump back whales and sea turtles.

Mt. Roraima, South America

The highest peak among the Pakaraima mountain range literally floats in the clouds and you might think that you are getting a taste of heaven when you are in the summit. The mountain has 3 border points including Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. This mountain together with other tabletop mountains is deemed to be one of the oldest geologic formations in the world and they are estimated to date as far back as 2 billion years ago.

Going on a South American trip may hold more magic than what you have been hoping for. If you ever feel the need to escape to a surreal landscape, be sure to drop by one of the continent’s fantastic destinations.