Dubai — Fit for a Student

In addition to learning about different cultures, acquiring new expertise and making lifelong relationships, studying abroad can greatly improve your job prospects too.

However, the United Arab Emirates is often overlooked as an educational destination for students, even though the main cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are international centers of commerce.

All manner of subjects and qualifications are catered for, from civil engineering degree courses to MBAs. What’s more, you’ll benefit from living in a country where long-established values meet the trappings of modernity.  

Experiencing the culture

In spite of its huge economical wealth and commercial activity, UAE’s culture is heavily influenced by Islamic traditions. Tourists, expats and students are free to practice their own religion, but recognition and respect of local laws and customs is expected. But more than anything else, UAE demonstrates the true Islamic values of tolerance and hospitality towards all visitors.

Living the lifestyle

During downtime, students can take advantage of the expansive shopping opportunities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai Mall has an aquarium, underwater zoo and ice rink while the Mall of Emirates features an indoor ski slope. In the evening, both cities boast plentiful bars and restaurants to satisfy the hunger and delight the palate.

Choosing a subject

Due to the nature of UAE’s main economies, subjects like business, technology, engineering, construction and tourism are popular. However, US and European universities often have exchange programs for a number of other courses and degrees too.

Looking to the future

An estimated 80 to 85% of UAE’s population are expats, as the career opportunities are extensive. Students can benefit from tax-free earnings after graduating, too.

Even if you’ve not considered UAE as a destination for studying, there are several boons and benefits to living and potentially working in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi.