French Immersion Summer Programs: Improve Your Level of French!

French immersion summer programmes combine sporting and social activities with French courses in order to develop your children’s language skills and offer them an enriched experience in a new culture.

1.    Why should young people spend their holidays in a summer camp in France?

Having fun and learning French in France are the two main objectives of attending a summer camp in France. More and more children are developing an interest in languages; they want to experience the world and develop their abilities. Parents who are concerned about the education of their children are beginning, more and more so to encourage them to go abroad, gain self-confidence and reinforce their interpersonal skills.  More than 150 million people speak French around the world.

French is one of the most widely studied foreign languages, after English and France is a major tourist destination so speaking French is great in order to travel and to have conversations with local people. You may want your child to have some familiarity before they leave, so trying to find a French tutor with Takelessons or a local school might be a good idea.

There is a wide range of activities and monuments to see in France and it would make it so much easier being able to understand French and to immerse yourself into their culture.

2.    Have fun and learn in France

Summer camp offers support and entertainment to children during the summer months. French instructors and French teachers instill values such as respect, sharing and self-control to their students. At camp, kids have to follow rules and interact with others outside their comfort zone which makes the experience very interesting and something a bit different. Depending on their age and personality, the experience will be completely different from one child to the next but the instructors and teachers will treat everyone equally, helping to mould their skills.

3.    Summer programmes in France

France is a great destination to attend summer camp. There is a wide range of companies offering different summer camps in France. Nacel International is one of them and offers summer camps to those looking to spend time in France and discover a new language.

Many children enjoy sport but also want to participate in a French language school programme in order to meet international students, French students and to learn the French language. Each child is different, that is why it is important to offer diversity in the range of products.