From Beijing to Bangkok: A Guide to Asian Cruises

With cruise holidays showing a growth, you can forget the old clichés of cruise ships packed to the rafters with elderly people and terrible cabaret acts that make you want to jump overboard.

No, today, the cruise industry caters for the explorer in us all, and if there’s one place that just needs to be seen on a cruise, it’s East Asia.

There are simply too many reasons why you need to visit this part of the world. So I won’t. Take care.

Just kidding.

I’m definitely going to talk about a few of them just to tantalise….

Beijing, China

The jewel in China’s crown used to be known as Peking (famous for its duck!) and is steeped in history. Replete with palaces, temples and gardens throughout, Beijing is perfect for taking a day trip. You will simply never get bored.

Taking a walk through the Forbidden City will reward you with breath taking collections of artwork and artefacts dating back 500 years.

But there’s new stuff as well. A visit to the amazing National Centre for the Performing Arts is worth the trip. A glass and titanium wonder of architecture, the centre has three main performance halls for opera, music and theatre.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

A young and vibrant place, Singapore has a great culture despite almost half the population being from outside the country. Since this country is becoming more and more popular, finding a well rated hotel in Singapore is easy. Most travelers will recommend staying on the coast.

A veritable gateway between the East and West, Singapore has a great deal for the cruise enthusiast to do. There are the Botanic Gardens, which offers a scenic retreat. A visit to the Ritz-Carlton hotel will feast the soul with beautiful artwork from the likes of Warhol.

The hidden treasure of Haji Lane offers a lot for those who love fashion. Lots of small stores with great clothing and accessories are on hand.

Finally, end the day by taking a visit to the bar at Raffles hotel for the world-famous cocktail ‘The Singapore Sling.’ And why not. How often are you in Singapore?

Bangkok, Thailand

For a few hours, Bangkok can be an absolutely stunning place to be in if you know what to do.

Walking around and taking in the sights is pretty nice. But if you’re not sick of water after being on a cruise, then taking a boat trip through the waterways of Thonburi west bank and Central Plains is recommended.

For the sporty amongst you, taking in an authentic Thai kickboxing competition might prove eye-opening. Lumpini Stadium is the place to go for a truly cultural experience. Noisy and crowded it may be, but fun it definitely is.

Every city offers something for everyone and if you’re only land for a few hours, these places offer a wide and varied experience for you. Should you chose to stay longer, you can always book overnight accommodation on sites such as Expedia, and explore more of what these cities offer

Written on behalf of CheapCruises, who provide excellent cruises to the Middle East and East Asia