Holidays in Paradise

So you fancy a holiday in paradise this year. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t? With those shimmering golden sands, crystal clear waters that sparkle under a cloudless blue sky, and the feeling of the sun’s warmth on your skin as you sink your toes into soft, powdery sands, it’s like heaven. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you get there, you’ve first got to decide where in the world you want to go.

As paradise goes, the Caribbean is the obvious choice. And with so many different island communities to choose from, you can be guaranteed a completely different holiday experience from one island or holiday resort to the next.

If Mexico holidays tickle your fancy, the Caribbean Coast is an absolute gem. It has everything you would expect from a traditional Caribbean beach holiday – gorgeous beaches, knock-out scenery, rustling palm trees and that distinctive laid-back appeal. Step into one of the main resorts such as Cancun or Riviera Maya and you’ll find an upbeat environment with great shopping, stacks of fantastic restaurants and a buzzing nightlife. Inland, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. You can also follow a guide into the steamy jungles and spectacular mountain ranges of Mexico.

Elsewhere, The Maldives are a magnificent holiday destination. Billed as a barefoot paradise, these achingly beautiful islands are like nothing you have ever seen before. Scattered across the Indian Ocean, the atolls are surrounded by spectacular coral reefs and sealife habitats which provide a unique diving and snorkelling experience. Dip beneath the waves and take in a kaleidoscope of colour as tiny rainbow-coloured reef fish flash in front of your eyes. Experience the thrill of watching reef sharks glide past, swimming with graceful rays and even observing an enormous whale shark – the gentle giant of the seas. Just make sure to be safe while on one of these underwater adventures so you don’t end up having to file a holiday accident claim! Stay safe, have fun and make sure you remember to pick up an underwater camera for the occasion.

Wherever you decide to go, travelling with a tour operator takes the hassle out of going away. And with so many first-rate operators out there – such as the ever-popular Thomas Cook holidays – it makes escaping to paradise a breeze. So all you have to do is kick back, relax and focus on having the holiday of a lifetime…