Reasons To Go On A River Cruise

There are many Reasons To Go On A River Cruise ... photo by CC user Jerome Strauss on Flickr

If you’ve always wanted to go on a cruise but been put off by the duration, there’s no excuse anymore. River cruises are becoming increasingly popular among British holidaymakers, showing record sales during the recession when other holiday provers were hit hard. River cruises offer a chance for travellers to find their sea legs – generally the waters are calmer and the routes are completely different, allowing you to see a different side to the typical holiday destinations in Europe and Asia. Cruise Deals have a great selection of offers on, with routes along the Rhine, the Moselle, and the Danube – some of Europe’s greatest treasures.

Short Duration

One of the huge benefits of River cruises is that they often act as a primer for future holidays. If you’ve never tried cruising before, or aren’t sure you you’ll fare travelling by boat, the short duration of a river cruise might appeal to you. They work great as mini-breaks, so you can enjoy a trip ranging from a long weekend to 5 nights sailing gently along a European river, fairly close to home. For all the sightseeing you get to do on a short holiday, you still enjoy the main benefit of cruising: luxury accommodation the whole way. It’s a great opportunity to combine a spa weekend with an exploration of European cities that’s hard to turn down.

Alternative Sights

Unlike a city break, you’ll get to explore different corners of Europe. While Mediterranean ocean cruises are exciting, by travelling through countries you get to see so much more. The Danube river is great to cruise along during the festive period, seeing the Black Forest of Germany, Austria, and Hungary all lit up, full of gluhwein at the world-renowned Christmas markets. Meanwhile, a cruise along the Rhine takes you past beautiful mountain scenery, starting in the Swiss Alps and finishing up in the Netherlands, with lots of amazing history to discover on your port excursions.

Intimate Experiences

Unlike a massive ocean liner that carries hundreds and hundreds around the Med or the Caribbean, a river cruise liner will generally only carry 50-200 passengers, making the whole experience a little more peaceful. There’s fewer facilities on board, but once you’ve been able to explore the hustle and bustle of smaller European cities like Cologne or Linz, you won’t be missing a tennis court. You get to enjoy the city from the middle out, and with meals included, you’ll be saving a fortune compared to a larger cruise holiday.


We hope these tips have proven useful for you … have an excellent river cruise holiday!