Things to think about before backpacking


Even those who have been backpacking for years are likely to forget something here and there. This doesn’t have to be the case however if you have your checklist ready to plan for your excursion. Whether you are a novice, beginner, or have been backpacking the greatest trails for years, there are some things you simply can’t forget. Not only to make your trip more enjoyable, but also to ensure you keep yourself safe when out on the trails. These are a few of things you simply can’t forget when planning for your next retreat.

Know where you are going –

Sure, you might think anywhere in the UK or even areas of Europe are safe to backpack, but there are political tensions out there you must familiarise yourself with. Even in the safest of areas, know the political situation (this of course is for several day trips, or lengthier trips where you are outdoors for several days on end). Safety should be a top priority, so you have to know where to go backpacking (even in regions of the world you believe to be extremely safe).

Travel abroad –

In certain countries or regions you might require a travel visa. Make sure you have all necessary paperwork and documentation to travel legally. Not only will this avoid possible deportation and other issues, but also ensures you don’t have to worry about the possible night behind bars if you are found to be somewhere illegally.

Know the locality –

Certain regions require you have vaccinations up to date, or you might be required to take physical exams prior to travel. Make sure you do your research well in advance, especially if this is a trip you’ve been planning for a while and are going to travel with a large group. You don’t want one missing vaccination to hold you back from the trip of a lifetime.

Now, on the lighter side –

Know the trail. Sure if you are an expert or have been doing this for years, you can take on the most challenging physical trails out there. Not only are you fit, and have the proper equipment, but you know how to get out of a tough jam. On the flip side, novices and beginners do not. So know the trail, how difficult it is, possible challenges, and so forth. Not only so you are physically prepared (and mentally) but also to ensure you have proper equipment when you go out there through tougher terrains or challenges during the backpacking excursion you are on.


Where are you keeping your belongings-


If you are planning a back packing trip then one of the main questions is where are you going to keep the belongings you are not going to taking with you if you don’t own your own house? There are a few things you could do to assure your things are kept safe. One way is to store your belongings with a relative or friend while you are away. If your friends or family don’t really have enough space to store your things then you could always hire a storage container. Storage containers can be pricey but if you know where you are looking then you can always find a good deal. They are a great way of making sure your things are safe. Before getting a storage container you should always ring around and ask a few companies for a quote. If you would like to make the process easier and allow the storage companies to come to you with a quote then you could always use a quote site like

There’s no shortage of great regions around the world where you can go backpacking, regardless of your skill set or level of expertise. With this in mind you do have to be prepared for what lies ahead (not only physically challenging tasks but also political, government, transport, etc). So make sure you plan well in advance of your trip. Not only so you can make the most out of it, but also to know you are safe when you are out there on your own or with a group of friends.