Three Must-See Attractions on A Sri Lanka Rail Holiday

With rail journeys available across the world, discovering new regions is now easier than ever. One of many up-and-coming destinations, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to see what the railroads can offer you and here are three must-see attractions for your visit.


This city is totally different to the rest of Sri Lanka. It is a bustling, modern metropolis, containing plenty of remnants of the British colonial rule. A visit to The National Museum is essential as it will help you make sense of the rest of this ancient country as you travel through.

Another interesting place to visit is the Seema Malakaya, situated on the Beira Lake. You may be impressed by the numerous bronze statues of Buddha that proliferate here. These two pavilions were only designed in 1985 and fit in very well with the surrounding environment despite their modernity.

Dambulla Cave Temple

Sri Lanka is filled with temples but if you only visit one during your trip, make sure that it’s the Dambulla Cave Temple. Five beautifully decorated caves make up the site and are situated in granite cliffs north-west of the ancient capital city of Kandy.

The temples are the oldest on the whole island and are said to date back to the first century BC. The first temple is home to an enormous 47ft statue of Buddha and is truly awe-inspiring. Exploration of the other caves will reveal other equally stunning statues and paintings with virtually every inch of the ceilings decorated with astonishing frescos.


Because Sri Lanka is so full of beautiful shrines and lush flora and fauna, it may be a good idea to travel to the country’s internationally famous Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary.

Elephants are used in the country’s logging industry and there are also many wild Asian elephants that roam the countryside. It is thought that some of these young animals end up at the orphanage as a result of poaching and as a consequence, the sanctuary has started a captive breeding programme to ensure the Asian elephant never becomes extinct.

Travelling by rail

Rail travel throughout the astounding country of Sri Lanka will reveal an extraordinarily beautiful place with many diverse attractions as well as historical and cultural sites – but it’s not your only option. From the traditional charm of the Orient Express, perhaps the world’s most famous railway, to the modern offerings of Sri Lanka, America and Europe, rail journeys with leading companies like Great Rail cover every corner of the planet.

Whether it’s the aura, mystery and intrigue that surrounds the railway associated with fictional detective Hercule Poirot, or a modern tour of a stunning new landscape, take a look at the range of destinations available and find your perfect rail holiday today.


Photo Credit: Mr Wabu