What is Europe’s Best Stag Do Destination?

It’s fair to say that it is impossible to pick an undisputed champion of stag destinations. Bring up the topic and no one is going to agree; everyone desperately championing their own experiences. However, there are a few that have long earned their reputation. They inevitably have their names uttered in all stag related conversations as the heavyweight contenders of the best stag do destinations.


Hungary’s capital is actually two cities rolled into one, divided by the river Danube. And it’s on this river where you are undoubtedly going to find your best party experience.

On an island situated in the north of the city is Sziget, home of arguably Europe’s greatest music festival. Held in August and lasting between 7 and 8 days, this place will undoubtedly take you to the limit, even if you only visit for a couple of days. But with music throughout and festivities lasting all night, along with cheap beer, it’s totally worth it. Where would Michael Eavis go if there was no Glastonbury? Well, Sziget of course.

If music festivals aren’t your thing, Budapest offers cheap beer in countless bars and night clubs throughout the city. It also possesses the perfect hang over cure for that night after. Install yourself in one of the Thermal Baths and sweat out the previous night’s excesses before starting it all again. Cheap holiday deals can be booked to Budapest with numerous budget flights flying into the city every day.


Another Eastern European party Mecca, the stunning city of Prague has long appeared on the list of best stag locations. Despite its long lived popularity, this hasn’t pushed up the price (too much) and cheap holiday deals can be found online.

Prague still offers gallons of cheap beer and good value accommodation. The notorious professional pub crawls have slayed many, but if you can get through that, there’s hundreds of nightclubs that can keep you going long into the night. Give the rifle shooting a go too, if you get time.


It’s not hard to see why Ibiza is a favoured destination for stag dos. Nor is it hard to work out what you should do when you get there. It’s the best of both worlds – partying and relaxing in a never ending cycle. World famous night clubs blast out music to keep you entertained until the sun comes up, when you stagger off to the beach to chill out, relax and prepare for the next round.


Undeniably the party centre of Europe, it’s nigh on impossible to not have a good time in this city. Despite its popularity, you can still find cheap holiday deals online. When you arrive, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful city, in between winding canals, surrounded by bars and cafés that serve all manner of intoxicants – and never, ever close.

It’s a bit of a debaucherous city with a reputation for sleaze that is hard to deny. However, it’s undeniably fun. It’s a place where people head to with the same frame of mind; have a good time. So, inevitably, you’re going to meet like minded people from all over the world.