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7 things to do in Riviera Maya

Welcome to paradise! Otherwise known as the Riviera Maya. Paradise is filled with lots to do and see, making for a fantastic vacation destination. If you’re one who loves sun, sand, great food and lots of music, you’ll find the…


A travel guide to Niagara Falls

Photo by CC user yesika on pixabay Canada has many beautiful national parks, many city skylines worthy of the most expert photographer, and many reasons why tourists continue to flock there in their droves every year. One reason is that…


Lost Vegas: Beneath the Neon Lights

“Give a bad boy enough rope and he’ll soon make a jackass of himself”- The Donkey Seller, Pinocchio. Historically, I’ve never been into gambling. I’d rather win something through merit than luck and I don’t like taking risks. You’re probably…