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Ariana Ostrow began her career in travel writing in 2008 during hertime spent living abroad in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Editor of
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Three Must See Sights Along the Gold Coast

With its spectacular beauty, the Gold Coast attracts thousands of visitors every year. Not only has this place garnered the attention of individuals for its scenic beauty, but it has also made individuals’ heads turn for the plethora of activities…

Escape to Tunisia

A growing number of modern hotels, soft, sandy beaches and less than a three hour flight away, Tunisia is the perfect escape from our dull winter.

3 Popular Under the Water Adventures

For many people the thrill of exploring under the water holds much more of a pull than playing on its surface. Or lazing on a pristine beach for that matter. Once the scuba diving bug has got you, it becomes…

African Bucket List: What’s On Your Bucket List?

Some people who feel they haven’t lived enough will think about writing a list of things they want to see and do before they pass away. It might involve things like trying a new cuisine, taking up a hobby or…

Top 5 Travel Apps To Have On Your Smartphone

Applications for smartphones have become extremely popular over the past couple of years – nowadays, you can find an app for almost anything! There are several travel apps that come in handy when you travel abroad, and here you will…

Skiing In The Italian Alps

Traditionally considered an economical option for those looking to ski the Alps, Italy’s resorts provide beautiful surroundings and great skiing that is generally suited to beginner and intermediate skill levels.

Top 5 Mediterranean Ports

Besides offering the first glimpse of the particular Mediterranean city, these international ports provide a wide range of amenities for the convenience of visitors. Always busy and open all year long, these locations create the marine trade and transportation hubs…