Breaking Australia’s Crazy Driving Laws

You’ll note the title of this article references Australia’s “crazy” driving laws – not the sane ones! There are lots of driving rules here down under that I’m perfectly happy to comply with. But, like any country, Australia has some incredibly silly driving rules as well. Inspired by our recent laws regarding stopping for pedestrians while turning into a street – which has sparked no little controversy and probably caused quite a few accidents – I’ve compiled a list of some of the best. I mean, how often are you able to find a cohesive set of laws that features both bales of hay and cat burglary? Read on, my Australian friends!

Hay You, Pull Over

In Australia, taxi cabs are technically legally required to have a bale of hay in the trunk. My first thought upon learning this was that no cab I’ve ever taken has complied with the rule. But then I realized that I’ve never actually bothered to check. Do you think any cab driver would actually be willing to let me peak into his or her trunk to find out?

The Key to Success

It turns out that it’s also illegal to leave your car keys in your vehicle unattended. This doesn’t seem to be a necessarily illegal move, because it’s pretty universally accepted to be inadvisable. Who actually leaves their keys in their car when they’re not there? And if so, there’s really no need to punish said person by law, since their car’s probably been stolen. Haven’t they suffered enough? All the good Westralian car finance in the world isn’t going to help you overcome this silly mistake.

Keep it Down, Hoon

Only in Australia is it legal for police to take your car away if you’re making too much noise. This really has nothing to do with your driving, and it’s rarely enforced. But nevertheless, police still technically have the right to confiscate your car for such behavior. So next time you’re looking to have a little house party, make sure you keep the noise level down. Or at least make sure the party is indeed at your house, so you don’t have to drive home!

I think of the three I picked out for this list, the first one about taxi cabs being required to cary bales of hay in the truck is the weirdest. It’s probably also the least likely to be enforced. But hey, I guess the next time I take a taxi I’ll have to double check. I actually think Australia is a great country to drive in. If you’ve ever driven in the States or London, you’d likely agree! If a little hay and holding onto your keys is the secret to keeping Australia that way, I’ll allow it.

Photo Credit: Prince Roy