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Planning a Romantic Wedding in Paris, France

If you are thinking about locations for your wedding, why not consider Paris, France? Commonly regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world, the City of Lights is the perfect place to start your new lives together.

Summer Fun in the Windy City

As you plan your family vacation this year, you may want to think about visiting Chicago, Illinois. During the warm summer months, the outdoor activities in the area are some of the most popular places to be for tourists and…

Switzerland Prepares to Regulate Online Gambling

A draft of the new gambling bill was deposited by the Swiss Federal Government last week is aiming to regulate online gambling in Switzerland, besides allowing bricks and mortar casinos to use their licenses in order for them to operate…

Visit Haunted San Francisco

When people think of San Francisco, California, the picture is usually sunny and bright. A cultural hub of North America and one of the best towns for art in the United States, San Francisco certainly has a vibrant reputation.

Spring is Beautiful in Romania

Have you ever heard of Romania? If not, shame on you – it has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Eastern Europe, and lots of traditions, foods and habits to explore. Despite what you might have heard, Romanians are…

Touring the History and Culture of Lyon

Lyon has always played an important part in the history of France and of Europe, and it continues to thrill and enchant visitors with its wide variety of architectural styles, a vibrant culture, and, of course, its exquisite French cuisine.

Madrid Culture and Customs: How to Behave in Spain

With stunning attractions that range from the breathtaking Plaza de Cibeles to the bustling Gran Via stretch of shops and restaurants, it’s easy to find a compelling reason to visit Madrid. As with any foreign country, visitors from abroad are…

How to Experience Tokyo as a Backpacker

Tokyo has long had a reputation of being one of the most expensive cities on the planet, with everything from hotels to restaurant meals being higher in price then comparable offerings elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that backpackers can’t travel here,…