No more bets at Las Vegas

The Boneyard is a must visit when visiting Las Vegas ... photo by CC user gee01 on Flickr

photo by CC user gee01 on Flickr

When you head to Las Vegas, you can easily be drawn to the various resorts and casinos on the Strip. However since some times, Sin City has moved from being a gambling destination and it has become much more with upscale hotels, where you can enjoy endless eating, and drinking, sightseeing, clubbing, shopping and entertainment options. Taking a deeper look at this city, you will find that there are many other activities apart from gambling that makes Vegas a wonderful place to visit. Many visitors to this location often miss the downtown historic area, and these places offer some of the most interesting options for singles, couples, families, or business travellers. Even if you don’t get to visit this city any time soon, you can still feel the gambling magic of Las Vegas at any time by playing at Magical Vegas – the online casino where Vegas is ever-present in its neon graphics and games.

While you will come across numerous attractions in and around Sin City worth visiting such as the Hoover Dam, the Red Rock Canyon, and Lake Mead, there more to locations to see and these are often overlooked. So while visiting the spectacular Vegas for the first time or on your next visit, you can take a little time to discover the historic elements of this city, along with new parts of the city that have been taken over by the increasing number of tech savvies.

The Boneyard – Neon Museum

Vegas is known to remove everything that becomes old and irrelevant, and to replace them with new stuffs. This means that the city landscape is changing at a high speed and with it, the history of Las Vegas is disappearing in a way. However, some of its history have been conserved at The Boneyard. Here you will find some of the most memorable and iconic neon signs from the yesteryears. This is the place where you will find most of the signs that you may have seen in movies as a child, and it definitely is one of the best photo options in the city.

The New Gold Spike

This once old casino has been transformed and repurposed with games such as Jenga in life-size, Connect 4 that are the size of a wall, Operations, etc. This has been possible thanks to the Downtown Project, where people are trying to revitalise Las Vegas, and this is an initiative by Zappos’ CEO, Tony Hsieh. Here you can settle into the outdoor couch and enjoy the music from a live band. This bar is much loved by everyone, as it has many distractions on offer, and it provides great food. Tourist mostly like this place and its activities.

The Oldest Bar – Atomic Liquors

Take a walk off the strip to visit the city’s older bar known as Atomic Liquor. Will classic establishment is worth a visit, with its stylish retro interior. This place has been immortalised in numerous movies and TV shows. Remember the scene from the movie Casino, where Joe Pesci stabbed a person with just a pen? Well this was filmed at Atomic Liquors. This Bar is the place where people used to sip on their drinks back in the days and watch the mushroom clouds from a distance as nuclear test were conducted in the Nevada desert.