Sights and Sounds of Dubai

Whether you are a tourist, business visitor, just passing through or a home owner with property in Dubai, there are certain sights and sounds of this city that you cannot afford to miss. This list could be endless but only a few of the most interesting and entertaining must do activities have been listed below.

Sand boarding

Sand boarding also known as sand surfing is one of the most popular leisure activities in Dubai especially for those with a fascination for extreme sports. Sand boarding and snowboarding are similar sports and while snowboarding involves sliding across or down snowy slopes, sand boarding involves sliding down sand dunes. Sand boarding is very popular in desert regions, as people with property in Dubai may know, limitless supply of sand dunes are available. The biggest sand dunes and the most popular place for sand boarding are about 30 minutes away from Dubai. While many sand boarders drive themselves to the spot, there are several companies which provide excursions with experienced drivers. Some sand dunes reach to a height of 200-300 meters. The biggest one called “Big Red,” is very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Ice lounge

Chillout is the first ice lounge in the Middle East. The lounge combines the innovation of sub-zero temperatures with a unique interior design. A technological novelty of refrigeration, illumination and architecture, Chillout is an interesting combination of ice, glass and steel. Its ice sculptures and well lit interiors, all at a chilling temperate of -6 degrees Celsius are mesmerizing. The interiors including chandeliers, curtains, paintings, tables, chairs and even the glasses out of which drinks are served are entirely carved out of ice. Upon arrival, visitors are provided with a designer parka, shoes and gloves. The lounge offers a wide variety of continental dishes, served hot, suitable to the tastes of all visitors.

Camel racing

Camel racing reflects Dubai’s mix of tradition and modernity. The camels, which run at a speed of approximately 40 kilometres per hour, learn to race at the age of two and apparently enjoy the competitive spirit of the sport. The race usually takes place with around 60 dromedary camels strapped with colourful blankets and tiny robotic jockeys. Camel legs splay out in all directions and cars follow close behind controlling the robotic jockey’s whip from within the vehicle. Camels have provided transportation, shelter, food and milk for hundreds of years and therefore are a national treasure in Dubai to this day.

Sega World

Sega Republic is the state-of-the-art high-adrenaline indoor theme park for the entire family. Conveniently located at the Dubai Mall, this 76,000 sq ft park features 14 breath-taking attractions and more than 170 games, from ultra-modern motion simulators and virtual games to one of the country’s largest collection of skill based games. Sega Republic offers an exhilarating and memorable experience that’s sure to have visitors coming back over and over again. In addition, a new Sega Republic Game Zone provides a variety of entertainment and the chance to win lots of prizes.

All of the above attractions have the distinct flavour of Dubai which makes them all the more appealing. To truly experience Dubai one must be open to embracing a completely foreign culture and climate which is traditional and at the same time way ahead of its time.