Three Reasons to Visit Macau

Macau is like another version of Las Vegas but with a unique mix of both West and East fusion of style. This region was historically a Portuguese Colony for more the 442 years. It started as a trading post for the local residents and Portuguese traders and before the Portuguese decided to colonize it. In fact, it is listed as the last European territory in Asia. Other historical studies shows that this area has being occupied by humanity for more than 4,000 years as evident from the fossils collected in Coloane Island. This region was given back to the China Government in 1999. Since, there it has being attracting hundreds if not thousands of tourists from all across the globe.

One of the spectacular historical tourist attraction sites that you can visit while here is the Ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral. In 2005, the ruins were were listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Historic Center of Macau. The famous St Paul’s College and Cathedral of St Paul church are some of the original architectural structures that stood here in the 16th Century. However, the popularity of Macau reduced significantly after the establishment of the Pearl River Delta port in Hong Kong. In 1835, the cathedral and learning facility was destroyed by fire. As you walk around these ruins, you will learn various historical attributes that you are probably not aware of. You will come into close contact with history. In addition, it offers ideal photo shooting area that will exhume your inner love of history and nature. There are several food joints and shopping centers around the ruins where you can dine and purchase various artifacts.

Macau is also the hub of some of the largest world class casinos in the world. Here you will get an opportunity to take part in various gambling games if you are a pro gambler. In addition, if you are a newbie in this field, you will get the chance to learn some gambling skills and tactics that will hone your skills as you prepared for future gambling tournaments. Plaza Casino is one of the gambling casinos that will give you that perfect Macau gambling experience as you listen to your favorite live bands. There are over thirty different casinos hence no matter your specific gambling needs or preferences; you will find a casino that suits you best. Online slots can also help you acquire new gambling techniques that you can use to up your game. Some of the online casino websites offer free demo videos to new members; take advantage of this opportunity to learn the basics before you can commit your money into the real game. As you have fun in the casino, remember to stick to your budget so as to avoid financial turmoil if you spend more than you can actually afford.

Macau is indeed the home of the best historical monuments as well as casinos. There are many tour guide companies as well as restaurants that offer top catering and accommodation services at an affordable price.

Photo Credit: Roller Coaster Philosophy